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Bed Bug Extermination Laundry Service Toronto

When most people find that they have been affected by an infestation of bed bugs or other insects, they find
themselves completely devastated and they simply do not know where to turn for help.

First, please be assured that bed bug and other infestations can happen to anyone. It does not mean that you are dirty or live in unsanitary conditions. In fact, you may have the cleanest house in the neighborhood and still be affected by this. Although many perceive a stigma associated with getting lice or having bed bugs, anyone in the know realizes that this is simply an unfortunate chapter in the life of approximately 1.3 million Canadians, from every demographic, each and every year.

Canadas Leading Lice Treatment Specialists

For those of you dealing with a lice infestation, we have teamed up with our friends at LiceSquad - Canada's leading treatment experts - to ensure your best chances of success.

We will co-ordinate your specialized lice or bed bug laundering with your professional to ensure the correct timing of your family treatment and increase the probability of a good result.
Laundering material that is infested with insects requires special attention.

Material that has been exposed to insects and their eggs must be dealt with in ways that one might not initially think of.

First and foremost, the material must be isolated and protected from any surface that it may come into contact with after it is specially treated. There's no point in taking great care to rid the material of the infestation if it will simply be placed on the same surface that it was initially placed on before treatment as the eggs or even live insects may re infest that material. This may seem obvious but studies have shown that this alone accounts for a great number of re-infestations in the home.
Bed Bugs Pest Control Laundry Service Toronto
 The material to be laundered is carefully placed in a Dexter T-600 Commercial Front Loading washing machine and allowed to soak in a pre-mix of special enzymatic solution for minimum of 30 minutes before the actual wash even begins.

 A super-cycle including a double-rinse utilizing the very hottest water and 60 g's of extraction force is then commenced and lasts for a full 32 minutes.

 The material is then carefully placed into a Dexter Professional Series computer controlled Tumble Stack Dryer and dried at a minimum of 170 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 60 minutes.

It is not possible for the average home dryer to produce such a high temperature and most in-home dryers do not afford the ability to monitor the temperature of the load inside.
 Your laundry is then removed and thoroughly inspected to ensure full eradication and perfect cleanliness. It is then taken to a sterile area and perfectly folded, bagged and packaged in an unmarked laundry bag. It is then ready to ship back to you - right to your door.

 Our Commercial Grade dryers give us a constant digital readout of the internal temperature throughout the drying cycle and they enable us to ensure that the constantEco Friendly Bed Bug Extermination, required temperature for eradication is maintained throughout the drying process.

 We return your laundry to you properly treated - smelling clean and fresh - so that you can put this chapter behind you and get on with your life.



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Professional Bed Bug Extermination Laundry made easy with Dexter

Dexter T-600 Commercial Grade Professional Washer

Super rinse capability and 60 G's spin with a 32 minute Super-Cycle washes your clothes better than any washing machine in the world!

Our professional Dexter dryers ensure 100% Bed Bug Extermination

Our Dexter Professional Dryers are computer temperature controlled and ensure a constant high-temperature of at least 170 degrees F.

Computer controlled stack dryers guarantee 100% bed bug extermination

Sophisticated microprocessor controls enable us to ensure that your laundry is dried at the appropriate temperature to ensure no infestation remains at the end of the drying process



Kleen Free Bed Bug Solution

We use  'Kleen Free' specialized enzymatic bio-degradable environment friendly cleaning solution which is specifically designed to penetrate all types of organic matter and is perfectly safe for chemically sensitive individuals yet effective against a multitude of organisms such as bed bugs and lice.

We are happy to offer free personal delivery of a suitable size of Kleen Free to you.
 Call us for pricing and and options.

We hand deliver it right to your door so you don't have to wait!

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